Automatic contact updates.

Get auto update of contacts when your friends on 6degrees move or update their contacts. Always stay connected with your friends.

If your friend on 6degrees change contact details , you get notified about an update. OR if you change your details, your friend on 6degrees gets notfied about update of your details

Total privacy.

You decide who can see your details and who can't. Hide your contacts from appearing on your friends' search results.

You may want to hide yourself from Search and it is possible to make you invisible in search.

Back up and restore.

6degrees backs up your contacts with unlimited storage. Restore them to any device and never lose your contacts again.

We backup your contacts in cloud safely and securely provided if you have Signed. When you change device, just need to Install 6degrees from Play store and sign in with your account, all contacts will be retrieved back on your new device.

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